A Song of Compassion

A Song of Compassion

With a soul blood bought and a heart aglow.

Redeemed of the Lord and free,

I ask as I pass down the busy street,

Is it only a crowd I see;

Do I lift my eyes with a careless gaze,

That pieces no deep down woe,

Have I naught to give to the teeming throng

Of the wealth of the love I know?

As I read in the gospel story oft

Of the Christ who this earth once trod,

I fancy I see His look on the crowd,

That look of the Son of God;

He saw not a number in might and strength,

But a shepherdless flock distressed,

And the sight of those weary fainting sheep,

Brought grief to His loving breast.


Dear Lord I ask for the eyes that see

Deep down to the world’s sore need,

I ask for the love that holds not back,

But pours out itself indeed;

I want that passionate power of prayer;

That yearns for the great crowd’s soul,

I want to go ‘mong the fainting sheep,

And tell them my Lord makes whole.



Let me look at the crowd as my Saviour did,

Till my eyes with tears grow dim,

Let me look till I pity the wandering sheep

And love them for love of Him.
Words by R.A. Jarvie

Music: Duet by W. Gardiner-Hunter


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