He Faileth Not

Each happy morn when I awake,
This promise for the day I take,
“I’ll never leave thee, nor forsake,”
He faileth not.

How sweet His word unto my soul,
To cleanse from sin and make me whole,
To cheer, encourage and console,
He faileth not.

Along life’s road I’ll fear no ill,
For Christ my Lord is with me still,
He never failed! He never will!
He faileth not.

In daily cares and troubles sore,
When Satan tempts me, o’er and o’er,
His promise stands for evermore,
He faileth not.

When dark the days and drear the skies,
And often bitter trials rise,
When all else fails, my faith then cries,
He faileth not.

He bears my burdens, carries, too,
My cares and sorrows, all life through,
How good the promise, and how true,
He faileth not.

He has not failed me in the past,
He will not fail while life shall last,
For wheresoe’er my lot is cast,
He faileth not.

The Saviour’s coming from above,
To take me to His home of love,
His promise I shall faithful prove,
He faileth not.

And when I reach that golden shore,
My trouble and my labour o’er,
I’ll sing this song for evermore,
He FAILED not.

-Edwin R. Miles


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