The Blessed Secret: Philippians 4:11

I have learned the blessed secret

Of the soul that’s satisfied,

Since the Saviour dwells within me,

And in Him I now abide.

I have learned the joy of trusting

In the sureness of His Word,

Knowing that each promise spoken,

Will be honoured by my Lord.


In the silence I have heard Him:

(O, the music of His voice!)

“Peace I give thee, be not troubled,

Let thy heart and soul rejoice.”

Yes, I’ve found my Lord sufficient,

For He meets my ev’ry need;

Satisfies my soul’s deep longings

Guards and guides each thought and deed.


Peace that passeth understanding

Is His gift of grace so free.

And the power of His presence

Is His promise unto me.

Blessed peace, divine contentment

From the heart of God above!

All the shadows turn to sunshine,

Walking with the Lord of love.


– Albert Simpson Reitz

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