Too Busy

Forgive me, Lord, that I allow
My days and hours to be
So filled with trifling tasks, that oft
I find no time for Thee.

My thoughts so oft are occupied
With countless earthly things,
When Thou wouldst have them
mount on High
By faith with eagle wings.

So many duties round me press,
That rob me of the time
I fain would spend with thee, my Lord,
In fellowship divine.

Too busy-O forbid, dear Lord,
That I should ever be
Too much engrossed in worldly tasks
To spend an hour with Thee!

That I should let the din of life
Drown out Thy voice of love,
And, groveling in the “sands of time,”
Lose out on things Above.

O help me Lord, to take the time
-To set all else aside,
That in the Secret Place of prayer
I may with Thee abide;

To hear what Thou wouldst say to me,
And hold communion sweet;
To praise Thy precious worthy Name
And worship at Thy feet:

To hearken to Thy holy will,
To feel Thy cleansing pow’r
-O may I ne’er let aught deprive
My soul of this blest hour!

By Avis B. Christiansen

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