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Two Men and You

The Story Of The Bible

The Holy Scriptures consist of sixty six books. Thousands of years lie between the first human author and the last, but the way its history, its prophecies, its songs and its teachings blend into a cohesive story calls for the superintendence of one Person. He must have existed throughout the years of its production! The Bible claims for itself that it is “God-breathed” or inspired. What is its story all about? Serious students of its pages have made various suggestions as to its overall purpose and plan according to which of its themes interested them. Every valid idea put forward is like a thread woven into the overall fabric of Scripture. It becomes possible to trace these themes throughout its pages like the colored strands in a tapestry. The topics of the glory of God, the sinful condition of mankind, the need for a sufficient sacrifice etc., all contribute to the total impression left on the mind of the thoughtful reader. And each strand of truth that begins in the first book has its counterpart, contrast, and climax in the last.

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